Designing, Crafting & Building The Highest Quality Multi-Family Units Since 1999

At Lewis/Klein we are committed to creating the best multi-family housing units and condominiums available, providing a level of excellence you simply can’t find elsewhere. Our goal has always been to exceed every expectation—and then some.

Every unit is built by Lewis/Klein, crafted to our stringent, high-quality standards. Add to this the amazing charm and beauty present in all of our multi-family communities and it’s easy to see what an incredible value our condominiums truly are!

Discover The Benefits Of Multi-Family/Condominium Ownership 

  • Affordable Ownership: condos are less expensive than single-family homes, making it easier to become a property owner.
  • Security & Community: your multi-family complex has it’s own private entry, yet still provides close proximity to your unit’s neighbors, creating a secure, friendly, communal nature for you and your family.
  • Maintained Properties: imagine never having to cut your grass again, spend your weekends performing exterior work on your home or worrying about all of the maintenance that comes attached with a single-family property. Condominiums offer a hassle-free lifestyle.
  • No Noisy Neighbors Above Or Below: unlike traditional apartment living, our multi-family units are designed so no one lives above or below your unit.
  • Tax Advantages: you actually own your unit, allowing for valuable end-of-year tax deductions.
  • Your Unit Is An Investment: you’ll never have to pay rent again as your condominium unit is yours to own. No longer will a landlord be collecting your hard-earned money each month—each payment goes towards the goal of owning your unit outright.

Multi-Family units are the perfect choice for first-time owners, single professionals, retirees, empty nesters, young families or those who are simply tired of paying rent year after year.

MultiFamily/Condos Listing

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